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Burning a Multisession CD in OS X

From Rachael Smithey,Your Guide to Focus on Macs.

Using Disk Utility

Follow these simple steps to burn a multisession CD using Disk Utility in OS X.

To organize your files into a single session:

  1. Place all of the files you wish to burn in the session into a single folder on your desktop
  2. Click on Finder - Go - Utilities - Disk Utility
  3. Click on Images - New Image from Folder
  4. Follow the prompts to select the folder you wish to burn
  5. Click on Image
  6. Enter a name for the disk image and specify the location
  7. Click on Save

To burn your files onto CD:

  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. Click on the Burn icon in the toolbar
  3. Click once on your disk image you created
  4. Click on Burn
  5. In the Burn Disc dialog box, click on the blue triangle at the upper right of the window to expand the dialog box
  6. Click on Leave disc appendable
  7. Click on the Burn button

For each additional session you wish to add later:

  1. Follow all steps above
  2. Notice that in the last step, the button indicates Append in place of Burn
  3. Click on Append

You'll see that each session is represented by an individual disc icon when the disc is inserted.

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