Set up Printer
Add Printer
IP Printing
Socket/HP Jet Direct
Printer Model: EPSON Stylus Color 760 CUPS+Gimp Print v4.2.5

Mac Profiles: /private/etc/profile ; /etc/bashrc

Odd Config Files: JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home

Air Port Express ( Brother MFC 420CN)

Printer Set Up OS X
     1)Install MFC - 420CN software from CD
     2)Open Printer Setup Utility
     3)Select Rendezvous from the pop-up menu
     4)Select the Printer -> Brother Ink

Printer Set up for Windows XP
     1) Open "Printer and Faxes from the Start menu
     2) Clicl Add Prtiner and the follow the on screen instructions
     3) Select "Local printer attached to this computer" and
        deselect "Automaticly detect and install my Plug and Play printer"
     4) In the "Select the Printer Port" screen, click "Create a new port"
        and choose Standard TCP/IP port from the menu.
     5) Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions
     6) In "Printer Name or IP address", enter, "IP_10.0.1.1" is gernerated from this port name.
     7) Select Standard for Device Type and select Brother MFC-420CN USB.

Screen Capture for OS X
     1) terminal
     1) screencapture -i -c -W